Gebruik een klantenkaart in jouw kapsalon om trouwe klanten te belonen en nieuwe behandelingen onder de aandacht brengen!

Stimuleer klantloyaliteit en verzamel klantgegevens

Gebruik een klantenkaart in jouw kapsalon om trouwe klanten te belonen en nieuwe behandelingen onder de aandacht brengen!

Stimuleer klantloyaliteit en verzamel klantgegevens

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Urban Collect

Urban Collect benefits

Collect customer data

Met behulp de Urban Collect klantenkaart kun je gemakkelijk klantgegevens verzamelen in jouw kapsalon. Je ontvangt gegevens van elke klant die deelneemt aan jouw loyaliteitsprogramma.

Use this data to keep customers informed about new products or services through your newsletter or other inspiring messages. This stimulates new purchases and increases your revenue.

  1. Wil jij een nieuw haarverzorgingsproduct onder de aandacht brengen? Of juist de verkoop van oude producten stimuleren? Neem deze producten op in jouw loyaliteitsprogramma en laat klanten sparen voor extra korting op deze producten

  2. Zorg ervoor dat de incentive groot genoeg is voor klanten om gebruik te maken van jouw klantenkaart door bijvoorbeeld klanten te laten sparen voor een gratis behandeling 

  3. Verzamel klantgegevens van klanten die gebruik maken van jouw klantenkaart en gebruik deze gegevens om jouw klanten op de hoogte te brengen van interessante weetjes en aanbiedingen!

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Urban Collect Business Licence

Urban Collect Business Licence

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per month (monthly terminable)


FAQ locations

What is an Urban Collect license?

With an Urban Collect license you get access to the Urban Collect platform with your own account.

What can I do with my Urban Collect license?

Met een Urban Collect licentie kun je jouw eigen loyaliteitsprogramma bouwen door je locatie(s) en rewards aan te maken op het Urban Collect platform. Daarnaast kun je met behulp van de Urban Collect Business app onbeperkt Loyalty credits weggeven aan jouw klanten en de credits laten inwisselen voor een reward. Tevens kun je de nieuwsbrief functionaliteit activeren waarmee je klantgegevens kunt verzamelen voor marketing doeleinden.


How much does an Urban Collect license cost?

Je hebt al een Urban Collect licentie voor maar 17,50 (ex. BTW) per maand.


What is the contract duration of an Urban Collect license?

Urban Collect does not like longterm contracts. An Urban Collect license can be canceled monthly. The license is automatically renewed every month as long as no cancellation is made.


How many locations can I create with 1 Urban Collect license?

You can create multiple locations with 1 Urban Collect license. The rewards you create apply to all created locations. If you want to offer different rewards per location, you must purchase a license for each location separately.


How do I get an Urban Collect license?

You can get an Urban Collect license via the following link:


Can I pause my Urban Collect license?

Yes, you can pause your license and activate it again later if desired. You can pause the license via "Billing" in the account. View the latest invoice, click on "View" and then "Suspend". You can always reactivate your account via the same route.


How can I cancel my Urban Collect License?

If you want to cancel the license, you can send an email to [email protected].

What can I find in the Starterskit?

In the Starterkit you will find a manual (brief explanation of how to use the account), a window sticker and Urban Collect Vouchers.

What do I do with the Urban Collect Vouchers?

With the help of the Urban Collect Vouchers you can draw attention to your loyalty program. Customers who are not yet using Urban Collect can be given a voucher after a purchase. Fill in the voucher with the name of your location, the number of credits the customer has earned with the purchase and an initial. The customer can exchange this voucher for Loyalty credits the next time.

When will I receive the Urban Collect Starterkit?

You will receive the Starterkit within 5 working days after purchasing an Urban Collect License.


What are Loyalty credits?

Loyalty credits are points that Urban Collect users can collect by making purchases at the locations that are affiliated with the Urban Collect platform. The credits can be exchanged for rewards.

How can I give Loyalty credits to my customer?

After a purchase you can reward the customer with Loyalty credits. You can give credits by scanning the customer's QR code (found in the customer's Urban Collect app) with the Urban Collect Business app. Then click on exchange credits and enter the number of credits you want to give.

How do I determine how many Loyalty credits to give after a purchase?

You can determine how many credits I give after a purchase. Our advice is to keep it easy, such as the examples below:

  • 1 euro = 1 credit
  • 1 transaction is 1 credit (stamp card principle)

I gave too many / too few Loyalty credits after a purchase. Can I correct this?

You can always correct the number of credits issued by scanning the customer's QR code again with the Urban Collect Business app and adjusting the user's number of credits by increasing or decreasing the number (use the '- sign' on your keyboard to decrease the number of credits).

What are Rewards?

Rewards are exclusive extras that you offer to your customers who use Urban Collect. This could be, for example, free products or services or exclusive discounts on specific products or services. With the help of Urban Collect rewards you can reward your customers for their purchases.

How do I create rewards?

You can create rewards in your Urban Collect account under "My Location & Rewards". Click on "Add new Reward". Enter the name of the reward and determine how many credits are required to be eligible for this reward.

Can I adjust my rewards?

You can always adjust the rewards you have created via your Urban Collect account. It is advisable not to adjust rewards too often.

How can I redeem a reward?

If a customer wants to exchange credits for a reward, scan the customer's QR code (found in the customer's Urban Collect app) with the Urban Collect Business app. Then click on exchange reward and select the reward that the customer wants to redeem.

What can I do with my Urban Collect account?

With an Urban Collect account you can build your own loyalty program. You can create location(s), create rewards, track all credit transactions, adjust your account details, view your monthly invoice and pause and reactivate the account.


On how many devices can I use my account?

You can use your Urban Collect account on an unlimited number of devices at the same time.


What do I need to use my Urban Collect account?

What you need to make use of Urban Collect is a stable internet connection and an Android or Apple device (Smartphone / Tablet).

Verzamel klantgegevens met behulp van de nieuwsbrief functionaliteit. Wat houd de nieuwsbrief functionaliteit in?

With the newsletter functionality you can collect mail data from Urban Collect users that you can use for marketing communication (newsletter, etc.). When this function is activated you will receive this data from all Urban Collect users who save at your location. 


How do I activate the newsletter functionality?

You can activate the newsletter functionality via the account under the heading 'Account details'.


Welke gegevens ontvang ik van de Urban Collect gebruiker?

You will receive the following information:

  • Name
  • Mailadress
  • Favorite shopping city
  • Gender

This data is received by e-mail and can be found in the overview Newsletter subscriptions in the account.


For which purposes can I use this data?

This data may only be used to inform the user by e-mail about news, offers or other forms of communication. If the user unsubscribes from the communication, all data of the Urban Collect user must be deleted immediately.

Mail your question to [email protected].


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